Being in the countryside is one of the best experiences that you will ever have. There are surprisingly a lot of great activities that you can do when going outdoors in the countryside than you might initially think. 

Fortunately, you have a lot of options. So, discover new ways you can enjoy your day when you are out and about in the countryside! 


An inexpensive and simple approach to experience nature is to go hiking. Long-distance walks in nature preserves and attractive areas like the Lake District are the most common kind of long-distance walk. 

Anyone may benefit from a lengthy stroll in the countryside or popular fells, allowing them to take in some breathtaking vistas, photograph their loved ones, and get a fresh perspective on the area.

Hiking doesn’t need a lot of gear to get started. An excellent walking footwear, a water-resistant jacket, and a sense of direction are the only things you’ll need.


If you like photography as a pastime and your abilities improve, you can even consider starting your own Instagram account or looking for freelance employment.

It might be difficult to decide what to picture, yet the outdoors is a never-ending source of inspiration. Start by incorporating photography into some of your favourite hobbies, such as hiking, by taking photos with your phone or even bringing your camera along!

Take a look through Instagram and make a note of anything that catches your eye or inspires you. Use a general hashtag like #nature as a starting point, and then look into the more specific hashtags used on the postings that catch your eye.


Airsoft is a lot like playing Call of Duty in real life if you’re like that kind of thing. Airsoft is comparable to paintball in many ways, but utilises BBs instead of paintballs as ammunition. 

Thousands of people from throughout the UK go to their local locations each weekend to participate in some competitive strategy. There are several ways to have fun and meet new people while playing airsoft, no matter whether your interests lie in strategy, teamwork, or just firing airsoft guns.

To get some workout, you’ll be ducking and avoiding your opponents as you race at them. It’s easy to get dirty running about in the woods, particularly if it’s raining, but if you prefer a more controlled environment, there are plenty of indoor places to choose from. 

You’ll be able to rent equipment for your first few trips, but soon enough you’ll want to purchase your own airsoft pistol.

However, the excitement doesn’t end when the game is over. Taking proper care of your airsoft equipment involves a lot of collecting, customising, and maintenance, making it a great hobby for those with a mechanical bent.


A mountain bike can take you off-road, while a BMX bike can teach you stunts, and a road cycle can train you for an endurance race. 

It doesn’t matter whatever style of riding you select; you’ll be getting some exercise and spending time outside. In certain cases, it might even serve as an entry point towards riding to work rather than driving or using public transportation. 

Aside from the independence it provides, cycling is a wonderful stress reliever, and the best thing is that you can do it seven days a week!

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