Lake Street House: Best places to visit in Oregon

If you’re planning for a getaway vacation for your family, Oregon is one of the best places to be! This state in America has a lot of places to visit and a one-of-a-kind experience that you just can’t get anywhere else. 

What is it with Oregon that’s worth visiting? Browse through this in-depth article of the best places to visit in Oregon as you scroll through Lake Street House. You can even begin your journey with us at our lodging to make the most of your adventure!


Interested in historical destinations fuelled with the arts and culture scene? Astoria is the perfect place to visit here in Oregon with its small-town charm rooted in cultural and outdoor activities that can get you excited. 

This is the first United States settlement on the West Coast of the country and was discovered around 1810. The first thing that you will notice upon entering the city is its scenic Astoria-Megler Bridge which is considered the city’s backdrop. 

There are plenty of things you can do in Astoria. For one, you can visit a variety of museums that tell the history of the place such as the Bumble Bee Cannery Museum and the  Columbia River Maritime Museum. 

Aside from that, you can also do outdoor activities. One of the most popular ones in this city is fishing wherein seasonal fishing sports happen. 

Hood River

In for a delightful small town experience? You might enjoy what Hood River has to offer. It’s the perfect place to go when you want to explore the natural wonders of the region because it offers easy access to an array of activities such as hiking, windsurfing, kiteboarding and river rafting. 

If you’re not the thrill seeker-type vacationist, you can have a taste of Hood River’s cultural heritage as you walk around town. Just by visiting different places downtown, you’ll see the beautifully restored architecture of the town. It’ll truly take your breath away with the level of detail and beauty that you can see as you walk past each building. 

Moreover, you can also visit galleries or watch shows at the Columbia Center for the Arts if you’re interested in the arts and culture scene of the place. What more can you ask for, right? It gives you an adventure that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. 


The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Salem is the infamous witch trials that took place hundreds of years ago. Although Salem, Oregon is known for that tragedy, there’s more to the quaint town than that. 

Salem is nestled right at the center of the wine-growing Willamette Valley which is why you’ll find only the best wines in this area. 

Aside from these vineyards, there are plenty of outdoor activities that you can get on with like hiking, biking, boating and fishing. All of these can be done in the Willamette Mission State Park. There’s also an exciting hot air balloon ride at that park if you’re into that. 

If you want to learn more about the past of Salem and its witch-hunting history, you can start by walking around town and starting your visit at Oregon State Capitol Building. Then, you can set off at the Deepwood Museum, Bush House Museum and Oregon State Hospital Museum to get through with the complete academic tour of the town. 

Multnomah Falls

The impressive natural masterpiece that is Multnomah Falls is something worth visiting in Oregon. You ask why and the locals will tell you about the princess of olden times that took a bath there. 

It was once a secluded and private place that only the princess could go to to take a bath. Legend has it that its majestic beauty was only reserved for the finest royalty of the land. Luckily today, anyone who can drive towards Multnomah Falls can witness the grand beauty of the natural wonder. 

Although you can view the pristine beauty of the falls even from the highway, you’ll have to trek a five-minute pathway just to bask in the full magnificence of Multnomah Falls. The path will take you to the mist-shrouded base where you can enjoy the scenic view of the entire place. 

Portland, Oregon

If you’re more into the active bustling city life even during your vacation downtime, perhaps a trip to Portland, Oregon will make the trip more meaningful for you. This city gives you a combination of outdoor recreation activities as well as an experience in the arts and culture scene. 

To start your journey, you might want to take a walking tour as an introduction to the city if it is your first time going there. You’ll be taken to a variety of historic sites and different establishments that Portland has to offer. It is the best city to visit if you’d want a vast culinary experience including coffee, beer and a variety of local dishes. 

There will never be a dull moment for you in Portland. Even if you’re not a history buff, you’d definitely want to at least pay the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry as well as the Pittock Mansion a visit. These places are breathtakingly amazing with what they can offer you as tourist destinations. 


Eugene is the best of both worlds for both indoor and outdoor activities. You’ll never run out of activities to do here because there are plenty of destinations to choose from. 

You can start with outdoor activities such as cycling around town along with a network of paved trails. It’s also nice to hike along the Mckenzie River National Recreational Trail where you can see scenic views of Oregon’s beautiful town. Maybe you can also try to climb the basalt columns at Skinner Butter Park if you want a more challenging physical activity to start your day with. 

No worries if you’re not the kind of person to go on outdoor adventures because there are plenty of things to do within the town’s limits. You can visit the historic Shelton McMurphy Johnson House, the Museum of Natural and Cultural History or the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art if you just want a relaxing day trip learning about the town’s history. 

You can also go to the Oregon Air and Space Museum as well as the Science Factory museum if you want something fun and educational. There are plenty of things to do at Eugene and it’s up to you how you’d want to go about and spend your vacation here. 

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

In need of an outdoor experience that would change your life? Perhaps a night or two in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is the perfect place for you. It’s the best destination for people who are seeking outdoor adventures that are filled with scenic views in every direction you look at. 

This place is a magnet for outdoor adventure seekers who love to bask in the beauty of nature. Many even go to the lengths of bringing out their tents and spending a few nights under the glow of the night sky and stars. 

If you’re just planning a day trip, there are single-day hikes that you can participate in. You might even go on backpacking adventures on the scenic trails where you can view the wildlife among others. 

Plenty of outdoor activities can also be done including biking, fishing, boating and swimming. You might even get to tubing and windsurfing for a more epic journey in this beautiful place.  

Jacksonville, Oregon

Jacksonville, Oregon is a historic place in America because of the gold-rush era that happened before the industrial revolution. When you visit this town, it’s as if you’re going back in time to when people were rushing to riverbanks just to get a hand on previous ingots. 

If you’re into history then this place is for you because it is considered a National Historic Area. You can learn all about Jacksonville’s history just by taking a self-guided tour within the parameters of the town. 

This isn’t the only thing that makes Jacksonville popular. It’s also known for its tasteful wines because the town has 60 wineries that you can visit. You’ll have a blast drinking a delicious glass of merlot while admiring the view from where you are in the vineyard. 

Outdoorsy people won’t be left out in Jacksonville because there are a variety of trails that allows for hiking, biking and even horseback riding. You can even go on a river rafting adventure in the nearby lake then go about town afterwards for a delicious experience in fine-dining restaurants. 


For a year-round destination that can mesmerise you, Ashland is the place to be. It has a combination of culinary, cultural and outdoor activities that would just take your breath away. 

Discover the thriving art scene of this town as you go about town. Check out the Art Walk that happens every first Friday of the month then visit the Schneider Museum of Art. Afterwards, you can cap it off by watching a performance by the Rogue Valley Symphony Orchestra.

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