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Lake Street house is truly one of a kind.  Built in 2005 by Wallowa county craftsman with art Nouveau Decour, hand carved wood mermaids, dragons and a unique hand hammered iron helix staircase to the upstairs loft with breathtaking mountain views. This place is an artistic masterpiece and was hailed the hidden treasure of NE Oregon for years. Originally created to be a restaurant, we are transformed this elegant space into the perfect vacation for any couple or small family.

Lake Street House sits just one block off of Main Street in Joseph, Oregon within walking distance of all things Joseph! Shopping, eating, galleries and more.

“Comfortable. Convenient. Cozy. Welcome To The Heart Of Oregon, At Lake Street House.”


Newly constructed Art Nouveau with vaulted ceilings and breathtaking views. LSH has a beautifully landscaped private backyard which is the perfect place to enjoy a barbecue, lounge in the sun or…


Lake Street House is perfect for a couple, family of 4-6 or small intimate gathering.  Cozy, convenient & oh so comfortable with commercial kitchen, lounge, beautiful back yard and front patio…

We Make Your Stay Excellent

Lake Street house sits just one block off of Main Street in joseph, Oregon within walking distance of all things Joseph! Eat, drink and be merry as you stroll cobblestone sidewalks or stay in and enjoy the private back yard, views from your 2nd story balcony & relaxing soaking tub.

Lake Street House 

2 bedrooms in an open floor plan in main house & a private studio cottage all have plush pillow top queen beds and down comforters. One bedroom is downstairs directly below the other and one in upstairs loft with private outdoor balcony.

  • TV, Wi-Fi, Sound System,
  • covered front porch complete with dining for enjoying the sun and sensational views
  • covered 2nd story outdoor loft off the upstairs bedroom
  • 1 1/2 bath with soaking tub and large beautifully tiled shower.
  • convection oven
  • Wolf propane range 
  • Chopping block island with vegetable wash sink etc.
  • BBQ in fully fenced, private back yard

“Comfortable. Convenient. Cozy.”

The Eagle Caps Offer:

Love to SUP, kayak, water ski or hike?  Wallowa Lake and the Eagle Cap Mountain range await!  For the winter enthusiast, you are only 30 minutes from the snow park.  Go snowmobile, backcountry ski and snowshoe or spend the day at our local ski area, Ferguson Ridge. 

Enjoy countryside life here at Lake Street House

Looking forward to a getaway trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city? No need to look far from Lake Street House because this place can give you a peaceful refuge to sit back and relax for a good few days or weeks. 

A truly one of a kind vacation home, Lake Street House is a place worth trying when you’re on a trip to Wallowa County, Oregon. It’s a beautiful home away from home where you can relax and have fun as you leave your worries behind.

It was built in 2005 by good craftsmen of Wallowa County following Art Nouveau Decor which gives you a Renaissance-like experience. Aside from that, there’s a breathtaking view of the Oregon mountains overlooking the windows of the place that’s perfect for couples, small families or even individuals looking for the perfect getaway.

About Lake Street House

This is a recently constructed Art Nouveau building with vaulted ceilings and breathtaking views. It was built around early 2005 when a couple purchased the land wherein Lake Street House is currently located. 

With craftsman precision, the whole place is decorated with detailed hand-carved wooden pieces that go along with the overall look of the place. It also has a hammered iron helix staircase to the upstairs loft overlooking the mountain view of Oregon state. 

Aside from the beautifully constructed rest houses, the place also has a lot of open spaces for you to leisure about. Guests are encouraged to roam around the courtyard and lounge in the sun. It’s also allowed for guests to enjoy a barbecue as long as it’s assisted by one of our staff. 

It’s easy to go to Lake Street House because it just sits one block away from the Main Street of Joseph and it’s within walking distance of many establishments as well as tourist destinations. 

Mission, vision and core values

Vision statement

Every single person on the planet deserves the perfect getaway. It doesn’t have to be an activity-filled one but it should be something that’s worth enjoying. That is the vision that is supported by our team here in Lake Street House. 

Guests should feel welcomed into a relaxing environment wherein they can leisure about without having to feel the worry seeping into their minds. It’s escapism of sorts that would rejuvenate their passion and love for the world. 

Mission statement

With that in mind, our goal is to provide the guests with something worth experiencing here at Lake Street House. As was said, it doesn’t have to be something that would keep you to your toes. The experience can be as simple as unwinding in the resort or going to different places around the Oregon state. 

Core values

At the core of Lake Street House, our team holds the following values and beliefs that we think can help with providing guests with the best experience possible. These are:

  • Exceptional service – Nothing can make the experience all the better for guests than providing an exceptional experience through quality service that cannot be matched anywhere else.
  • Integrity – Know that all of our staff are honest and straightforward with all interactions with the different people that go beyond the doors of our hotel.
  • Respect – Respecting human dignity without any forms of discrimination is the top priority of this lodging. 

Accessibility – With affordable rates and easy access to all transportation systems.